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Electrical Insulating Mat. (Sheet) Electrical Insulation Mat is widely used as the floor covering near electrical panels for safeguarding complete protection to workmen. This type of PVC mat is offered with fluted design and the capability to decline sound transmission ensures complete safety from leakage of current and short circuit. With anti-skid surface, our presented electrical PVC mats are also ideal for resilience flooring conditions and pathways. Features: Anti-slippery Fluted design Diminish sound transmission complete safety Size: 1 Mtr. X 2 Mtr. And 1 Mtr. X 10 Mtr. Thickness: 2 MM, 2.5MM & 3 MM Colour : Blue & Black Major Application Area: • Near HT & LT Control Panels, • In Front of Switchboards, • Power Transmission Rooms, Sub Stations, • Indoor or Outdoor portable protection element for site engineers working on live equipment.
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