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BATTERY CHARGING TUB/TANK: We are the mfg. & service provider of Battery charging Tub/Tank BENEFITS:- 1. It is most widely used and prominent method for battery charging. 2. Our P.P.H. battery charging tubs assures zero leakage which leads less fume and Wastage interms of cost and productivity. 3. This method gives ease for high current battery charging and ergonomical aspects for battery loading unloading system. 4. Good effects on charging cycle time and cooling water circulation system. 5. Less fumes generation in battery charging area. 6. Ease of operation using motorized conveyors. 7. Whole Method gives leakage proof, acid fume proof system with lower cycle time. SALIENT FEATURES:- 1We use German technology made P.P.H sheets for carrying desirable load taking Care of thermal conductivity and strength of carrying more than 50 tons in each Charging tub through fusion welding. 2. Rollers are generally made up of PVC with UHMW bush along with SS316L pins for carrying desired loads. 3. Tub stands are provided with proper acid resistance through PVC and frp lining.
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