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ACID PROOF BRICK LINING Acid proof brick lining It is a prime lining system to protect floors, wall & tanks against damages & Bricks are available in different sizes are bedded and jointed with acid proof cement. The cements being used are Depending on the chemical condition and temperature up to its specific limitations.
Acid proof PVC sheet We are mfg. & service provider for PVC acid proof lining
Acid proof PVC lining Acid proof PVC lining in chemical storage tank
We are specialist in acid proof brick lining service • Long life. • Maintenance free • Low cost of labour • 100% acid proof. Also we provide the after sales services of our products.
Acid Proof PVC Sheet Manufacturers
PVC clear transparent sheet roll. mainly used in transparent partition & to protect cold air leakage
Acid proof brick lining work
PVC clear transparent sheet This sheet are use as partition , to protect cold air leakages, gaskets & curtains etc.
FRP lining FRP lining service is widely demanded in several industries for various purposes such as tank lining in chemical industries, leak proofing of roof tops and rust treatment of metal plants etc.